Console commands

trying to find list of commands, and a primer to understand the config file (mostly ports & pins) Primarily adding control to air assist and exhaust blower on an OMtech K40+ (smoothie) board with Lightburn on a basic K40

I’d suspect the information is in this somewhere…

What board are you using?


The generic K40 originally came with the M2Nano, I replaced it with an OMtech K40+ board. Lots and lots of sockets (the usual limit switch,stepper motors, power to /from the PSU to control the laser, plus a bunch of thermister sockets and one marked “fan” and one marked “blow”, each has a pin number, Lightburn has a switch to turn on air assist, What I’m missing is the link between Lightburn and the board, I did find in the config file, commands M42 & M43 and M106 & M107 What I don’t see is how they all tie together and how to use these features. Very frustrating.

That gives us a much better idea of what you are doing… I spend little time with machine instructions anymore, Meaning I’m not going to be any help.

There are a few of these around here, maybe @Rick would have a better idea of what/where to look on that specific machine.

Can you post the configuration file you were referencing?

At least we’ll be able to look…


Sure, This is the latest one sent by OMtech support. It is obviously a generic file suitable for lasers, but also for extruders and CNC mills & routers as there are sections devoted to other processes. It is similar but not identical to the config.txt for the Cdc smoothie board.
109282549_config.txt (28.4 KB)

These seem pretty clear, but I don’t have anything to compare or test it with. Don’t know how to read the pinout to the connectors… does 2.5 refer to connector 2 pin 5?

Switch module for fan control true M106 # M107 # 2.5 # digital # pwm output settable with S parameter in the input_on_comand 255 # set max pwm for the pin default is 255

switch.misc.enable true #
switch.misc.input_on_command M42 #
switch.misc.input_off_command M43 #
switch.misc.output_pin 2.4 #
switch.misc.output_type digital # just an on or off pin


On the board, the connector pins are identified by name & number. For example the socket marked P2.4 is also marked “FAN” and the socket marked P2.5 is also marked “BLOW”. It would have been nice to have a little clarity on how these are configured and used.

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