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Any idea what the $ code is for the Shapeoko 4 to instruct the “GO TO” in a positive direction from the home position. The home position for the Shapeoko is the back right. The position is shown as minus and the “go to” will not accept a minus number. I am given to understand that this model works in a negative workspace.

Have you reviewed the documentation for negative workspace systems including Shapeoko? It covers how to address this. Or are you trying to do something different?
Common Grbl Setups - LightBurn Software Documentation

I just trying to send the laser to the start position of the job. I move the laser to the required location say Y=300 and X=300 and then set the” Set Origin". Once the job is completed the laser homes to the back right (Homing position). At this point I have no way of sending the laser back to the first position where the origin was set by means of the MOVE TO POSITION BOXES X and Y in the move window. Also if I sent the laser to the “GO TO ORIGIN” it sends the laser back to the homing position back right . Any help would be greatly appreciated . Similarly if I try to set the laser position on the job by “ALT + L” it crashes into the home position. If this continues it will undoubtedly damage the machine or at best stretch the belts. this is why the MOVE TO POSITION BOXES X and Y option would be great. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Maybe I am missing something.

Some questions for you:

  1. Did you go through the process described in the documentation? If so, what adjustments did you make?
  2. What are the dimensions of your laser?
  3. Where is machine origin on your laser?
  4. What is your “Start from” setting in Laser window?
  5. Does your laser having homing switches? Does it go through a homing cycle?

Your symptoms indicate that the controller and thus LightBurn is not establishing a proper 0,0 position.

Can you also provide the following:

  1. Full screenshot of LightBurn
  2. Screenshot of Edit->Device Settings
  3. Coordinates of 4 corners of machine from “Get Position” in Move window
  4. Output of these commands run in Console immediately following a homing cycle:

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