Console issue connecting new Longer Ray5 laser - says "beep ctrl, flag:0 enter sensor

Greetings -
New user and 1st post. I have done some engravings and the machine seeems to work fine but the console is putting out the code:
beep ctrl, flag:0
enter sensor
and it just constantly streams this message meaning that if i type $$, console screen instantly fills up with that code above.
Any suggestions ?
Thank you.

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Hi! New user and no posts but I am having the same issue with a new CNC Longer Ray5 dual 10 W. It happens on Laser Grbl and Lightburn. $$ doesn’t help, neither does turning off the laser. It will continue to fill the screen. Then the laser hit the frame. It is dead in the water.
Mine looks like this:
Beep ctrl, flag:0
enter sensor
repeat 500 times
enter sensor
beep ctrl, flag:0
[Version (lists version]
[MSG: xxx (different messages)
beep ctrl, flag:0
enter sensor
repeats this about 500 more times
You get the idea.

I had some help from an extremely knowledgeable person with this and it seems the control board is bad.
If you are seeing messages about your X and Y axis standard stepper with [-400.000,0.000] (specific to my laser} you should reach out to the manufacturer. Make sure you have screenshots and the other requirements their support team needs to assist you.

I hope this helps!

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