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I just purchased lightburn a couple days ago. Lightburn found my laser…jinsoku lc 40… If I turn off laser lightburn says disconnect if I turn it on it says ready .
But console says trying to connect. If I hit start on engraving it say laser is either busy or or paused. I can’t do anything

Are you absolutely certain that the GRBL firmware is installed? From previous posters that laser doesn’t ship with GRBL by default.

Are you able to connect to the laser using the mobile app? If so, it’s almost certainly not on GRBL firmware which you will need to be able to use LightBurn.

Some context here:

I used the app once. I don’t have app anymore. I e just been using the laser software it came with. When laser burn didn’t work on one laptop I installed on another. And it still didn’t work. How can I find out if it’s installed.? LaserGrbl isn’t working either

If you were able to use the app and the proprietary desktop software that means you’re not on GRBL. You would need to switch to GRBL to use LightBurn or LaserGRBL.

Thank you. If I do that can I switch back if I don’t like lightburn or lasergrbl

I saw that there was a procedure to switch back as well so should be supported.

Thanks I will look into it after work

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