Consolidate various windows into tabs

when I first started using Lightburn the various windows were stacked together and had tabs at the bottom. I can’t seem to make them do that or find that setting.

Just drag them together and they’ll stack up.

Does not work. they won’t connect

Get them in just the right spot and they turn blue, then drop

well it works only on the left side of the screen. tried to move to the right or stacked on the right with no success. would prefer the right… something about my brain

Mine works on both sides.

You might have to un-dock the window, then make it smaller first. Some windows have a minimum size, and trying to stack them top-to-bottom won’t work if you don’t have enough room. Drag one window over the middle of another until the other window turns blue or darkens, then drop.

thanks all for your help. finally got it to work on the right after watching the quick tips vid. Love this software!!