Continous Engraving

I was wondering if you can only do engraving via dithering in Lightburn?
I know I’m able to engrave with continuous movement (quick movement/not dots) in Laserweb which I used so far. That method seems much faster than dithering to me, but I might be very wrong.

Sorry but I don’t understand what you mean by “engrave with continuous movement”. Maybe you can rephrase?

LightBurn provides several ways to process your desired cuts. The options for “engraving” artwork depends on the type of art used. When using raster art, LightBurn provides Threshold, Ordered, Atkinson, Dither, Stucki, Jarvis, Newsprint and Gray Scale image process settings. For your vector art, you can choose to mark or penetrate the project material using the ‘Line’ settings or you can scan your work using the ‘Fill’ settings or a combination of both by using the ‘Fill+Line’ settings.


More detail about these options can be found here:

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I did phrase that a bit awkwardly, but I don’t know what to call it. I mean going quickly from on side of the image to the other instead of engraving dot by dot.
This video is otherwise unrelated, but shows what I mean by continous:

Yes, you can do this with LightBurn as well. Here is a video showing LightBurn working in the same way. It is our demo of the camera feature that shows the job being cut in a very similar manner. (4:23 in)

This might also be a helpful link if you haven’t already seen:

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I figured it out, looks like it was me not having my grbl configred correctly that cause me to be unable to engrave that way. I just build a new machine so that was the reason.
Thanks you for the help anyway!