Continued Crashing

I have been using Lightburn successfully for about 2 months, then while finishing another project, it suddenly crashed and simply will not work any longer. I have the current version, I’ve Uninstalled and re installed, nothing is working. I’ve sent lig files to the support email address. Any idea how to make this thing work again?

Might add what OS you’re on.
It’s nice have the version number, since ‘I have the current version’ isn’t much help. And many times they don’t have the current version.

Does it install properly?

Hang in there Steven, try to give everyone here a little more information.

I have version 0.9.24 running 64 bit machine on Windows 10. No issues Uninstalling and re-installing. Only when I try to execute a design, it crashes every time now (where it worked like a champ for 2 months before).

What do you mean ‘execute a design’?

Are you trying to run it “Start”, or upload it?

Does it have problems with both?

I can upload the file I have been using, but as soon as I hit START it crashes every time.

Sorry, I didn’t realize your machine probably doesn’t let you upload it. Lots of different machines here.

Upload the file here so it can be examined. You can probably drag & drop it here to upload it.

Does it do that on any file or just this one?
When you reloaded it, did you back through the setup?
Before you press ‘start’ are you connected to the controller. It’s status is in the upper left of the “Laser” window.


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