Continued download problems to LO-X7 controller

I know this has been discussed in the forum, but I wanted to re-raise the issue of communication problems with LO-X7 DSPs. It’s a continuing irritant with laser users at our Makerspace. I’m one of the laser admins and have to help users with these communication problems. Thought I’d share the dialogue from this morning.

I’m getting the message ‘file transfer failed. there was a problem sending data to the machine. Machine may be busy or paused.’ when I try to send to the file to the laser cutter. I am in 9.09 version of LightBurn

my stock reply:

It’s an error msg we sometimes see. Workaround: exit lightburn, re-open. Or, pwr-off/on the laser. Or, both. Failing that, I’d go back to LaserCad (but it’s never come to that).


I had to exit and reopen LightBurn, but it seems to be fine now.

Windows 10. LightBurn 0.9.09 Ethernet LO-X7 controller

Is there something we can do to get rid of this for our members? thanks!


I haven’t been able to reproduce this problem myself, which makes it hard to diagnose. Are these connected by USB or Ethernet? The latest version has a setting which allows you to change the Ethernet timeout, which seems to be necessary for use with WiFi connections where packets can get delayed significantly.

It shouldn’t ever be necessary to power anything off - right-click the ‘Devices’ button to disconnect / reconnect LightBurn.


I’ll play with the Ethernet timeout setting and pass on the information about Device dis/connect to our members.

Is there any debug mode I can set in LB to capture diag information that would help you to tease out the root cause?

thanks for the fast response.

If it’s wireless Ethernet, that’s likely the cause. Even wired, I’ve occasionally seen TopWisdom controllers pause for a decent while near the end of transmission. Let me know if bumping the timeout up improves things.

There is a debug mode (Help > Enable Debug Logging). It’s very verbose, and appends everything to a log in the Documents folder, so I wouldn’t recommend leaving it on for long periods of time. If you run and nothing bad happens, delete the LightBurnLog.txt file and try again. It’ll be easier for me to sift through it if it’s the last thing that happened, or close to.

It’s wired Ethernet.

For my next laser session I’ll try both the timeout and debug mode. Communication issues are frequent so I should be able to capture some debugging information.

On my AWC-708C Plus, I would have to right click on the device to send a job. I switched to USB and now only need to right-click once in a while.

I looked throughout the LB menus but wasn’t able to find the Ethernet timeout setting - can you point me in the right direction?

I had the file transfer failed message a couple of times in a 4 hour laser session. Unfortunately the failure didn’t manifest when I had debugging turned on. I’ll keep trying.

Edit > Device Settings:


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Continuing the discussion -

One of our Makerspace members was able to capture a debugging log when the download failure happened. He sent the file to your LightBurn team. I wanted to followup and see if that log helped to find the root cause.

This is what I sent back to him:

LightBurn isn’t receiving a response back from the controller at some point during the transfer. How are you connected to the controller? (USB, wired network, or WiFi?)

08:51:22.656 D: O: "7d7d7fe865ba6565df0261bb6427ba6 << this is LightBurn sending some data
08:51:22.658 D: I: “7d7d7feb” << this is the controller saying, “got that one” - notice it happens only two milliseconds later

08:51:22.658 D: O: "7d7d7feb722ddf7d19bb6e29ba6e29d
08:51:22.660 D: I: “7d7d7fea”

08:51:22.660 D: O: "7d7d7fea2dba2d2ddf7d19bb3373ba3
08:51:22.662 D: I: “7d7d7fe5”

08:51:22.662 D: O: "7d7d7fe5bb3777ba3777df7d18bb3a3
08:51:22.664 D: I: “7d7d7fe4”

08:51:22.664 D: O: "7d7d7fe47d18bb3535ba3535df7d19b
**** no response from controller for 6 seconds ****

08:51:28.665 D: O: "7d7d7fe47d18bb3535ba3535df7d19b << LightBurn tries again

The latest version of LightBurn has a user editable timeout value, so you can try increasing that in the device settings. Bump it up to 10 seconds (10000 ms) and see if that helps.

Wired Ethernet.

OK … we’ll bump up the timeout to 10s.

I’ve been playing with this today and I’ve found that LaserCAD doesn’t have a timeout - it simply never gives up. The last release of LightBurn should let you go as high as 20 sec (20000ms), but I don’t want to make it infinite because there’s no way to kill a transfer. With LaserCAD you actually have to force-kill the app if you disconnect the transfer (cable pull, for example).