Continuous Framing

Continuous framing is not an automatic function and seems to require a bit of adjusting in menus - as per responses to previous discussions. I have read the page linked to directions to adjust, Framing Mode - LightBurn Software Documentation - which notes “Clicking the ‘Frame’ button in the Laser window, or pressing ‘F1’ brings up the Framing Mode window.”

Neither clicking the framing button, nor pressing F1 brings up the Framing Mode window where I might be able to toggle the ‘Run Continuously’ button.

Clicking the Framing button simply sets the laser machine in motion to frame a one time pass… And the F1 button is opening a Help&Notes popup.

Perhaps there is a simple solution that will help me get on my way, but Im just not finding it without assistance. Please help to find the LiveFraming dialog box noted in the link above. Thanks

The link states

function of Galvo lasers


That is what it states.
My laser is not, however…which might be what you have already noticed. Do you have a solution to the issue that I am experiencing? That is, in needing to find a way to run the framing continuously until I stop it?
I have a job that requires me to ‘tile’ the engraving, as the full image is larger than the 404mm x 404mm bounds of the machine. I want to be sure any subsequent runs after my first will properly align and match up to what has already been engraved… so I would like to have the Framing be continuous so that I might make fine positioning adjustments of the substrate while a hull framing is in progress. If so, I would be grateful for the tip.

Rather than reaching inside a moving machine, perhaps you can align the separate sections using Print and Cut, which is pretty much what it’s designed to do:

Basically, you add targets to (or utilize parts of) your design), tell LightBurn where those targets are on the laser platform, it aligns the design to those marks, and you need not do any fiddling around at all.

I would not be putting my hand inside the machine. The substrate is larger than the machine and will be securely positioned. I will move the machine on top of it slightly while the continuous framing is occurring. My tiling will necessarily be jagged at the ‘seam’ and I will look to used the hull framing to make sure its aligned properly.
Is there no way to do this? I see the software has the option for bringing up a dialog box with a toggle.
Yes the machine is different, but the software, if able to do it for one should be equipped to do it for another…no?
A post that you and Jack had both replied to a few months back points to the link I mentioned. Continuous framing?

I simply want a way to turn ‘continuous framing’ on…

It appears this issue is one that has persisted for some time…

The feature exists in the software, as per the original link posted above. How would I access it for use with my machine?

There are dramatic differences between laser controllers, so the answer may be less about LightBurn and more about the capabilities of the controller. If the fiber laser controller (*) has a built-in “continuous frame” function, then the answer is “No”, because GRBL controllers are not “equipped” the same way.

Now, of course, LightBurn could simulate that function, but that’s an entirely different project.

(*) Likely a Ruida controller, although a quick check of a couple manuals reveals absolutely baffling descriptions of the FRAME operations available through the console. I’d have to try a few of the options to see what happens, as I’ve never poked into that corner of the menus.

My machine is a GRBL. The Device Settings page of the Primary Documents, as shown here: Device Settings - LightBurn Software Documentation shows the different Device Settings dialog boxes for different machine types. The Continuous framing toggle is not accessed via the software’s interface in the Device Settings as shown on that page

It is however accessed via the Laser window… I would therefore assume the steps in the original link above would work. They did not. Clicking the button or hitting F1 did not bring up the dialog box with the continuous framing toggle.

Does the Lightburn software not permit this feature to be accessed for GRBL machines? It seems I am not the only one to have sought this out over the past few years

Stipulated: I am not a LightBurn developer and have no idea what’s going on inside the program.

The Ruida-ish KT332N controller on my laser has a Frame button that does exactly what it says on the panel: trundles around a rectangle surrounding whatever patterns are in the design. The controller has settings for speed & suchlike, but no Continuous option, so I get one frame per button push.

Galvo laser controllers evidently have more functions built in, one of which seems to be continuous framing.

GRBL laser controllers have no such functions at all; everything must be cobbled up from G-Code commands sent by LightBurn.

Could LightBurn simulate continuous framing on controllers lacking that function? Sure, it’s a simple matter of software. And user interface design. And documentation. And error testing. And so forth and so on.

Does LightBurn do that simulation for controllers lacking a continuous framing function? Nope.

For good reason, at least on GRBL machines:

AFAICT, it’s like that and that’s the way it is.

This isn’t always the case, you have to know the overall architecture of the software…

Although you’d think they could just resend what has been generated again… that’s an assumption…

It could also be for safety reasons … this is potentially dangerous. To use it effectively you have to have body parts within an operating machine…

Most people do not move the machine around to do some kind of alignment, they move the material.

They do this with a galvo machine, but there isn’t any machinery that you can get your paws into while it’s running.

There are a couple of suggestions for it…


I’m making the assumption that the good folks writing LightBurn’s software have a fine understanding of not only its architecture, but how the various controllers operate. Seems like a good assumption to me, but ya never know. :grin:

As far as Ruida controllers go, it’s pretty much programming as an experimental science.

Again an assumption… If you bring up the Machine Settings with no controller you cannot read another configuration file, they are grayed out.

I’d like to read them so I can comment on peoples settings. But I have to go to the garage, power it up, connect to the Ruida, then I can read another file…

I had asked about this and they said the architecture made it not a simple change…

If you don’t have your boots in the trenches, it might not work as you think.


Thanks for the comments gentlemen. It seems others have also wanted this feature…and that they have also tried to sway the development team into incorporating it, for years now.

For whatever reason they have not moved forward with adding this feature, even though they noted they could - “We could have an option to make frame run multiple times from a single click, but it would always run to completion, and depending on your frame speed, that could take a while.”

It seems like there is a lack of desire to address this request from multiple people as that admission was from 2018. Its just strange to me the developers seem to not want to budge on this.

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I find the folks at LightBurn adamantly opposed to adding features that, in their informed opinion, pose a safety risk while operating a laser. Poking around here will reveal quite a few Wouldn’t It Be Nice If requests getting no traction at all.

IMO, that’s an entirely defensible way to run a business.

You could be running RDWorks, who wouldn’t even answer you.

It’s not like they are ignoring any of these, besides along with @ednisley point, they are very responsive to most issues and they have continued development of new addition and 3d type software.

I was in IT type work for a few decades and never have I seen a product that the developers actually have any contact with the user… I’ve also seen a fix overnight… so I ask you to compare to other software… I don’t know any.

Considering the number of users, the requests for this isn’t really great.


Yeah, 200,000+ of them!

200k… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I think, it’s simply an unsafe operation.

My fiber does it, but there nothing to get my paws caught in…


People do unsafe things, then want to blame somebody else when it goes bad for them.

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