Continuous vs manual jogging

I recently gutted my Chinese 100W CO2 laser and rebuilt it in a more suitable housing to make it easier to get to everything. The construction is done and I’m into the calibration phase. It’s a belt-drive system like most.

I have the speed and acceleration settings pretty close to where I want them, but I’ve been testing with the continuous jog button on the controller (Ruida RDC6445). It moves perfectly with this, but when I set the manual movement to a specific distance and press the jog button it does move, but NCREDIBLY slowly. So slowly I have to watch the pulley on the motor very closely to see that it’s even turning. It finishes the move but something is obviously wrong.

Is there a separate setting somewhere that I can’t find that dictates the speed that it moves in Manual jog versus Continuous jog?

I believe it uses the speed set here, for jogging rather that any layer speed.



I actually haven’t even hooked Lightburn up to the machine yet. All of the testing I’ve done has been with the manual controls on the machine.

Ah, OK. I don’t use that controller so can’t really help with that.

Some progress but more confusion. I raised the acceleration settings on X axis to 20000. Now when I do a manual jog of 20mm it moves ~18mm quickly then slows WAY down for the last tiny portion of the movement, similar to the speed it was moving before.

It will complete 18mm of that move almost instantly but the last 2mm takes 20-30 seconds.

It almost acts like there’s a separate DECELERATION setting that’s too slow but as far as I know the controller uses the acceleration setting for both functions.

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