Contrast/brightness setting

First time board post, I did look for this but I don’t see mention of it in a quick search.

I’m wondering where the brightness and contrast settings went for the camera? I can hardly see what I’m working on anymore without those settings because the image is blown out. I usually turned the brightness down by half until that function went away. I’ve tried tweaking it in windows camera settings but it doesn’t seem to persist in LB. Was that an intentional feature removal? If so, how can I fix this?
Thank you.

I don’t recall ever having the ability to change the camera’s settings like that.

Are you using Custom or Default camera capture system? I believe the controls are only available in Custom.

That would explain it then. I’ve been using the default LB camera since they came out.

For me, I’ve had to block out the room lights with big panels of cardboard in order to get the view not blown out by the lights.

Someone else mentioned being able to control these settings in an external app and having them persist in LightBurn but not sure about the specific workflow to get that to work.

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