Control Cut Scan Order

I have parts each with one layer of line and two layers of fill. I want to process each part with all layers and then move on to the next. This I think will help reduce process time. I have looked at and tried many options in Optimization Setting but nothing works! Can this be done. I have included a sample of three parts.
sample.lbrn (59.0 KB)

That’s interesting. You have each domino grouped and the optimization settings are set to cut by group first. Yet it’s not.

Rick, when I downloaded his file it was set to Order by Group then Order by Layer. But preview still shows it doing all the engraving at once across all grouped items. Each domino is in a group but it’s not doing each domino separately.

Think I got it. Need to turn on Fill Group Together.

Thanks for the solution. I’d have been scratching my head for a while on that one.

I revisited this file. I edited the Start Point of outer cut, ungrouped, removed the Cut Order Priority settings from groups, and Grouped dot shapes to produce this:

sample_02.lbrn (55.8 KB)

Using these optimizations:

Thanks all. appreciated…

This project is not highly creative but not being able to get out it keeps me busy.
Laser ON.

The ‘Fill All Shapes at Once’ takes precedence over the ‘Order by Group’ setting. I’ve considered making the system automatically change the ‘Fill All’ to ‘Fill Groups’ if you have Order by Group enabled, but I like the flexibility to choose, too.

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