Control+O , open file = project not found

File will not open when one types the exact file name in the control + o, open file window box. The file is in the folder, and the file WILL open when one clicks on file name in upper window first and then hit ok. But if one types the file name into the box and hits enter key, the error message pops up " project not found ". This is very annoying and happens across all files in multiple folders. And, no there is not a space in the folder name nor in the filename. ( I saw in earlier post in march you addressed that issue ). I am using version 0.9.20. I love this software so far, otherwise. I bought the DSP key 2 days ago. Never looking back to rdworks!

It would appear that I must hit the down arrow and select the file I want , even after typing the name of file… it then completes the ENTIRE filename WITH extension, then I can hit enter and file opens. For instance the file name is “12”. If I just type 12 and hit enter, I get the project not found error. I have to type 12.lbrn , in order to be able to simply type my filename and hit enter to open a file? Why must the file extension be typed? That sure is a pain. Can you fix that in future patch?

If you have 2 files “” and “12.jpg” Which file should he open? This is probably why expansion is important.

Which version of LightBurn are you using, and on which OS?

that makes sense, I suppose. but when one has open file types of .lbrn selected in the filter , then other file types do not display, so that thought you just stated does not apply in this case.

I am using newest version as of 1-27-21. version 0.9.20

This bit is important - Windows automatically adds the extension, but others might not.

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