Control Rotary rotate speed

This may be a hardware question, but I thought i would start here.
I have a Cloudray Roller type rotary, older Gweike 1290, converted with Ruida RDC6442G controller.
Everything works, calibrated, etc.
I’m wondering is there a way to limit the rotation speed of the Rotary axis, the Y axis in my case when the rotary is in place. I have the idle speed set down to 20mm/s. What I am seeing is with a logo that the cup has to rotate a bit for, it still rotates at the programmed speed from the start point to where the engrave starts. Additionally, I am doing these 2 sided, so the cup has to rotate nearly 180 degrees to the start of the other side. It also rotates at the programmed speed, not the idle speed. Once the job is completed, it DOES rotate back to start at the idle speed.
The issue is, that occasionally, a cup will slip, and the engrave will not start in the intedened location. I do have the items weighted down. I have new orings on the rollers. It’s obviously a grip issue, and I may not be in this boat, had I done more shopping for more feature packed rotaries before buying the cloudray.
So, the question is, is there a setting that I can set the Y axis travel speed separate from the X axis travel speed, during the engrave process?

Or, is this a Y axis acceleration setting? I got this machine not working, and no settings out of the Leetro controller. All the settings in the Ruida are default, except what I’ve figured out needed to change to get it to work. What are others using for acceleration settings? Seperate question, has someone posted settings out of their controller, so others can “snoop”?

When engraving, between parts of the same fill it will be using the the “Line shift speed” value in the engraving parameters. After the job is over, the return speed will be the Idle Speed, and I’d expect that the move to the starting point would be the Idle Speed too, but it might depend on whether the first command is a line or a fill.

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AWESOME. Was set to 150mm/s, cut it down to 75mm/s. Exactly what I was looking for. First move is an engrave, but it looks like it slowed it down considerably.

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