Controller question

Hey all does anyone have any idea what controller this belongs to?
I am tempted to think it a Ruida controller… but not sure.

Personally not familiar with this panel. Can we see the back of that keypad along with the electronics inside the cabinet, please? Any stickers or markings on the control/electronics boxes?

I looks like a Ruida 320A with a slightly different button layout, but then, many of them do.

Wouldn’t it have a menu once it was powered on? Or some power-on indicator of what it’s running?

At first glance I thought it was a Leetro based on the color scheme, but based on the nomenclature, I think Oz is on to something that it might be a Ruida variant.

Can you connect to it using LightBurn?

Good question.
Someone has this machine for sale… and before I go and look at it, I was doing some research.
100w machine from 2019.

But they don’t have any idea what it is or how to use it.

I might just go over there and turn it on and see. May be best.

You got more photos? How big is the bed? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The bed is 60x40cm
And it includes the lot (chiller and pc) on the picture.

What is the asking price compared to new? And most of all does it have Lightburn…
:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Just Kidding I couldn’t help myself.

What is the black machine in the cart next to the water chiller is that an exhaust system filter?

You wrote earlier that iT was a 2019 machine. Maybe the tube was replaced in 2019. I see a fluorescent tube inside the case not an LED strip which leads me to believe it’s an older machine.


Another picture then why I believe it was produced in 2019.

the asking price is roughtly 1/4 of the new price maybe 1/5

I can PM you the price if you are curious.

If you’re getting it cheap enough, it might be worth putting in a Ruida controller anyhow, if it doesn’t end up having a compatible one.

JQ laser is a bit all over the place - their site shows a bunch of different controller photos, but they list Leetro as the card for the ones I’ve spot checked so far. In the past I thought they had their own controller, but I might be thinking of a different company.

Our machine was made in 11/19 and I still dont have it yet.

The fluorescent tube light is out of place pretty much all laser manufacturers use led light strips especially if it was manufactured in November of 2019.

It’s just a strange option.



Thanks all for your input.
I am curious enough to go and see how low they want to go :wink:
(750 euros is what they are asking)

it might even be worth it to build in another controller like Blake says and if Oz is right…

My gut feeling says that it’s Lightburn compatible as is but if you throw in a Ruida 6445 it will be a Hot Rod


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This keypad is identical to one that we have on 1290 JQ Laser. It has a LNC controller. We’re just waiting for a new Ruida controller to arrive so that we can upgrade the machine.
We found that the machine had control limitations and we were unable to connect Lightburn.
There was virtually no information available on interweb on the keypad/controller. We tried contacting JQ Laser directly but got no reply and the UK supplier wasn’t much better.
Are you sure its a 2019 machine? The UK supplier told us that he had 5/6 machines with LNC controllers around 2013/2014.
Like us, if you can test it and buy at the right money you could upgrade it then.

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Well no it isn’t a 2019 machine. It appears that it is a 2013 machine. The picture was bad.
The seller didn’t respond to my request to go and look… so i think this one is not for me.
But indeed I was thinking of buying it cheap for the additional hardware and the size of the bed… the chiller and such…
But I save my money this time :wink:

Thanks you for replying Fran

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Don’t give up on this guy @sensor. This is a steal even if you buy test and resell



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