Controller with limit switches

Hello wise guys,
I own this Eleksmaker 2-axis controller without inputs for limit switches.
This is for me an horror to use. In my eyes there cannot be an CNC machine without limit switches, at least for zero and homing.
What controllers can I use to replace this poor device.
Of course it should work perfekt with LighBurn with diode-laser.
And it would be also no mistake if it had a third output for Z-axis.
Any proposals?

Cohesion3D sells a great board called the LaserBoard. It may be overkill for what you need, but it is a solid choice.

In the meantime I had the idea to use the same ATMEGA2560 board as in my 3D-Printer. Will it work with LB?

If it is running GRBL, yes.

Didn’t know, that there are a lot of chinese controllers from Cronos and Eleksmaker who will do the Job.
For < 40€.
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