Controller won't load a file once its a saved file

Once I make a lightburn file, my laser won’t load it. I hit send and it shows the loading of the file sending but the laser won’t accept it, it seems. Now if I open a new file and copy paste the same cut or engraving on the new file before saving it, hit send the laser accepts it just fine. I just updated to the newest LB version hoping that would clear the issue but it didn’t. I currently have to open a saved LB file, copy the layers and then open a new file and paste then hit send before the laser will accept it.

What happens that tells you it’s not accepted? Can you describe what’s happening or provide a screenshot if that provides more information?

What you’re describing is very unusual.

Also, to confirm, you’re using the “Send” button, not start. Is that correct?

If you use “Start”, what is the behavior?

Additionally, is it possible you have too many files loaded on the controller and are running low on space? If so, try deleting some files and see if behavior changes.

To best explain it, the laser runs the last file it was loaded with, untill I start a new file as described before. Now as for too many files loaded on the controller, I wasn’t aware it stored every file I sent it, how do you delete them?
Yes, I am using the send button, if I hit the start button it will run the last loaded file.

Then very possibly a too full controller situation.

You can try deleting them from LightBurn. Go to File List and delete files in the list. If the Window is not visible then enable it in Windows menu.

If that doesn’t work, you can do this directly from the Control Panel on the laser in the File management screens. How you get there will depend on your specific controller.

Ok, I will try that after this run current run file. Thanks

Thank you, it was full of files on the controller. I deleted them and it went back to normal loading of saved LB files. I appreciate the help.

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