Convert a file from LBM to DXF

(Chris Johnson) #1

How can i convert a LBM file to dxf to make changes to that file.

(Rick James) #2

Sorry, but are you asking if you can do this within LightBurn? Are you talking about converting a Deluxe Paint Bitmap Image file (LBM) to Drawing Exchange Format vector file (DXF)?

If so, LightBurn does not currently support the LBM file format. I would try google to find an online file converter.

(Chris Johnson) #3

Ok thx Rick. Yea had a friend send me a file but he sent it LBM format and I need to make a few changes.

(Oz) #4

If it’s what I think it is, it’s an image format anyway, not vector art, so it would need to be traced (vectorized) to convert to DXF. I haven’t heard of anything using LBM for a very long time.

(Isaac Barbary) #5

Ask your friend to convert it. Presumably they can open it.

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