Convert in 1 touch photo

When i engrave photos, i use 1 touch photo
To make them laser friendly,

And use pass throug in Lightburn ,

But how do i know that the dpi is ok when i cant change that in Lightburn when i is in pass through mode ?

Or do i have too change the dpi in Photoshop or similar before i
Convert in 1 touch photo too make the right dpi for my laser?

One Touch dithers the photo and sets the DPI. Pass-through mode in LightBurn sends exactly one ‘dot’ on the laser for each pixel in the source image, so the DPI is implied from the image.

If you want to change the size, you can do that, but it will adjust the DPI of the output as you do it. You should set the size you want, then use One Touch, then import to LightBurn.

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