Convert second Y axis into Z axis. How?

In a few days I will receive my sculpfun S30 10w, and I want to know if there is anyway to convert the 2nd Y axis into a Z axis, and how to do that.
Can you help me, please?

No, that’s not possible. The second y-axis is driven by the same stepper driver chip. No chance to use them individually. Newer mainboards do not support a third axis. If you want to stick to Sculpfun, you can use an older mainboard (first generation S9 and S10 series), those have the ability (though they lack the automatic air assist port, that has to be added manually as well, it’s possible).
Or, you can change the mainboard for an MKS DLC32 or similar, then you have a z-axis as well. But then, you also use the out-of-the-box automatic air assist and need to add it with a relay yourself.

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Thanks. I’ll look for board alternatives.

I doubt the S30 Pro could handle the extra mass overhang of a Zaxis drive, even thought it has a robust trolley and gantry. Even if you got it mounted, I would expect less than satisfactory performance.

Rather than mess up a really great machine, why not consider purchasing one that already has a powered Zaxis? I would research the forum before buying a NEJE, but I found this on Amazon…

I was interested in autofocus setting more than other thing.
I looked other models before purchase it, and this oneee was the most affordable for me. Air assist board controlled it’s a must for me…

Why do you think you need autofocus? In most cases, this is not required and adds more trouble and complexity than without. It’s usually much faster to use two thumb screws to set the height, and you are done. And you have more control if doing it manually. Which use case do you want to accomplish where you think that would be better?

It is nice if you do your engravings out of focus. For me anything that is not a cut is done out of focus unless I’m looking for fine detail.
But you can still setup to stop after engraving and readjust for the cuts.

Having arrthrosis in both hands makes me think in ways to avoid to use them unnecessary. If something can be done automatically without using my hands, is better for my health.
This is why I’m looking for autofocus.

Not sure what AUTOFOCUS is. I built my machine for a router. So, I have a motorized Z axis. I put a switch on it so clicking a macro sets my focus much like setting the height for routing. Then I can use the cuts/layers z offset to adjust my laser focus.
But like mentioned above the extra weight of a motor and the drive will probably cause more problems than it solves, plus you will have to be handy with making modifications to your machine.

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As far as I know these low cost controllers don’t support an autofocus function.

Some of the higher priced controllers, like the dsp types do.


Ah, ok. There are a few options then. Some people designed bigger screw caps to enhance usability: Sculpfun S10 (S9) Screw improvement kit by Renba - Thingiverse

Or a screw that adjusts the full head: Sculpfun S6 Z-Axis Screw Adjustment by misken - Thingiverse

(all those 3d printed files are available for most laser models)

Finally, you could build your own adjustment, but it takes some fiddling, I have done it once, and it works, but I was faster running without, so I didn’t use it in the end:

Hi again.
I’m looking all the options. A bigger knob will make thipngs better. For the “automated one”, I can’t done it due my board, this is why I asked if there was a way to turn the 2nd Y axis into Z axis, but changing the laser plate with one with the screw at top is a very good idea.
My board (extracted from your wiki link) is this one.

At christmas, I saw that sculpfun S30 (pro and further), in their vending images, they were putting that those models were Z-axis ready, and a different vendor that only selled that motherboard, told me that the second Y axis can be changed into firmware to convert it in a Z axis. Well, as per what I’m seeing here, it was a lie to sell…
So, in the far future, I’ll need a new board :frowning: .

Oh yes, sellers (and even manufacturers) write complete nonsense in their advertisements sometimes. Especially resellers at AliExpress, Amazon etc. they use incorrect images, copy text from anywhere etc…

You are right, this board can’t be used. You can exchange it for an MKS DLC32, this board will provide the third axis, but it does not directly work with the automatic air assist pump. You will need some extra circuitry then. Depending on the efforts, it might be easier to get a used laser that has an automated z-axis by default. Sculpfun does not provide one yet, though I think they will do in the future.

I put this on my S30 Pro and it works like a charm. I replaced the backing plate knurled screws with ones with a larger black knob screw (amazon Dynta Thumb Screws M4x10mm). I opted for the T-handle, but the knob would have been a good choice too.

One rotation of the lifting screw is 1mm travel.

Two watch-fors:

  1. You give up about 12mm Yaxis travel and have to move the limit switch back one hole.
  2. There is some motion of the head due to flex in the Yaxis direction. I solved this with a small piece of wood and foam spacer behind the laser head.