Convert to 1.5" lens

Good morning everyone!
Does anyone know what I’d need to do to convert this head to accept a 1.5" lens? (photo attached)
I assume all I need is a shorter lens tube and of course a 1.5" lens.
I have contacted the manufacturer and they say they do not have the parts I need because all of

their machines accept a minimum focus lens of 2.5".

I do know the lens tube is 24mm outside diameter. I have done some google searching and I cant seem to find tubes for 1.5" lenses…am I missing something here??

Id appreciate any info you may have!

Does this help?



(Make sure to buy a 20mm lens for that tube)

They also have a Aliexpress store. Might be a bit cheaper even.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply! The lens is correct but the lens tube says its only for 50.8mm or 60.5mm. I’ve clicked on that site numerous times in the last couple days…lol

Ah now I see what you mean. Ok, my bad.

I think you need a so-called “Short nozzle” then.

As far as I can see the lens is mounted inside the nozzle. Can someone confirm?

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Hey! That might do the trick!
Thanks JP!

I think this is the item I need. I sure hope it works!
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

Glad I could help :grinning:
Let us know how it works out as soon as you got it up and running :wink:

It will work. I used similar Laser Head for one of my Lasers, but I salvaged the Nozzle from another Laser Head for the 1.5"
I’ve been using a 3" with the original Nozzle but as the Nozzle was too close to the surface for my taste when using the 2" I switched to the 3"

Thanks so much!

This is interesting, there is a video in the link I added above. This fellow uses thIs nozzle and stacks 2 lenses on top of each other to get a smaller dot size. I have also seen images of people successfully marking untreated stainless steel with this setup!

Made me curious so I ordered the Kit via Amazon … should be here Saturday…

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Get yourself a compound lens. You will not be sorry.

Received the Compound Lens this morning … let’s give it a try


Can someone explain what the difference is between a lens and a compound lens. And what did you buy?

This one

thanx for the link

Hi, Yes as other have pointed out you need a shorter nozzle.

I did the same for 3 different lenses but I also bought the barrel because in that way it is way faster to change a lens and no risk for scratch the lenses :slight_smile:

You manufactured the Nozzles?

No I bought them.

Where? I found only the one having the hole for the Air Tubing, not with a thread

I bought them from Lightobjects:

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