Converting from RDWorks RLD files to Lightburn

First day on Lightburn - been using RDWorks for several years - really hopeful that this will be a big improvement (wouldn’t be hard :slight_smile: )

I saw some other (closed) posts about importing RDWorks .rld files into Lightburn.

I tired exporting as .ai from RD and it gave me a 2 kb file which is just an empty box when I import to LB.

Also tried copy and paste from RD to LB but I get the previous copy from my buffer in LB not what was copied in RD… (If I paste in RD I do get what I have just copied from RD…)

(Windows 10 64 bit).

Any suggestions? WE have hundreds of designs that I would like to copy over…

What was in the “empty box” file? If the design was a bitmap, you’d need to import the original into LightBurn, as I don’t think RDWorks exports those. Otherwise, exporting as AI and importing that into LightBurn is still probably your best option if you don’t have the original files you imported into RDWorks.

Good point - didn’t think about that.
Tried importing a different file without a BMP and that works fine.
Also found the original for the BMP (which was actually an ai…) and was able to import that.
Thanks for the prompt reply!

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