Converting Neje native software parameters into Lightburn

On Neje software I have power for example 5% that’s easy to convert in Lightburn
But also burning time in milliseconds for example 5 ms and 70ms burng different time.
I have used Neje parametres for some time is there any easy way to convert theese into m/s and power% without doing so extensive testing on materials which I did with native software?
Thank you!

Lightburn uses mm/m millimeters per minute so take neje mm/s and multiply by 60 and that is what you should start with in lightburn of course you made need to tweak the setting but it gives you a place to start.

The power setting in LightBurn is a percentage, so you should just use percentage like you did before. As for speed, in Edit/Settings, set LightBurn to use whatever measurement system you’re used to (Contrary to what @tinkering_tom says, you have a choice, it’s not fixed at mm/m) , and it will behave the same as what you’ve been using:

Great! That helped!

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