Coordinate tablet

I’m not sure the name of it, but I’ve seen other people use it. It’s a patterned coordinate tablet that lies in the framework of the laser cutter. It has coordinates for X& Y axis to lay out your project and center it I’m not sure what it’s called. I’ve seen people on YouTube using it is there a file I can download, so I can make one for myself?
I’m also not certain if this is a question for this forum or this particular area of the form.

Not sure if I follow completely, but I think you may be describing what is known as a “waste board”, and in this case, one with a positioning grid marked into the surface. LightBurn does not provide an exact image to produce this, but you have options.

First, you could follow this to produce a simple grid.

Second, google image search for “coordinate and positioning grid” to see if you find one that would work for you. Additionally, one of our users, The Louisiana Hobby Guy, has produced the following, which is an option as well. All these might help with idea generation to produce what you are after.