Copy along path issue

Hey guys,
trying to make hole spacing along a path. I was doing it manually. and then used an array along straight lines. Finally found copy along path today. the first attempt worked pretty darn well. i had to tweak where i started the hole at along a curve along the first path and it works well enough that im satisfied.

The issue is on item number 2.
I have a square with rounded corners.
i offset the design and am following along this path for my holes.
but something weird happens and it starts shooting off the edges or into the middle.
I don’t know if i screwed up a setting somewhere.
tried creating another of the rounded one and it worked again.
tried it on just a plain square from the corner, and edges and i get the weird patterns again.

attached is an image below. any help would be appreciated.

Try sending the file

copy along path issue.lbrn (104.4 KB)

@RalphU you’re right when I start at the arrow, then there are no problems. How the hell did you find out? :flushed:

welp it looks like my issue was that i didnt choose where the path started, Think I got it working, Thanks Ralph!!! I would have been banging my head against a wall all weekend.

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