Copy along path problem

I’m trying to copy a small circle onto the path of an oval. I’m using “copy along pach” however the circles are not in the correct place.
Can someone help me? I’ve enclosed my file as well
Noah patch.lbrn (29.0 KB)


i try to replicate your issue and i had success… also mine works like yours, maybe a bug? better call @LightBurn staff

in the attached image the red pointed small circle is the origin, so i think there is a bug here

I’m going to test this - I’ve seen this before…
I’m going to look for a ‘sweet-spot’ where it behaves - if it behaves from the start of the curve or shape then goes wrong further from the start it may be a clue as to the fix.

Please test the first iteration at about 3:00 on the oval.


This is the result starting at 3:00


The Lightburn support was able to help me out. Enclosed their reply. I followed their suggestions and it solved the problem

Thanks to everyone for their fast response


A small suggestion for everyone. Many of these topics have been written about previously, so we provide a search tool near the top-right of every page and suggest it as a very helpful tool. Searching “copy along path” provided some nice results, including this oldie but goodie…

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