Copy cut settings with .LBRN 2 file

Probably a simple answer, but I am stuck. I sat at my Mac inside, not attached to my laser, and set up a test pattern filee, with several cut speed/power combinations. Copied the file to a USB drive, went out to the shed and hooked up the MacBook, loaded Lightburn, and imported the file from the USB. Looked OK, until I checked the cut settings - nothing like what I had designed. What am I doing wrong please?

I can’t quite tell from your explanation but I’m assuming you’re using two different computers here. In that case I suspect the cut settings are exactly the same but being presented differently due to a display units difference on the two computers.

Check in Settings, I believe this is Edit->Preferences on Mac but can’t confirm at the moment. Check that the Units/Grid are the same on both computers.

SPOT ON!!! Don’t know, nor care, how it changed, but that was it!!! My iMac was on mm/second, my MacBook was on mm/inch. You are a genius, and deserve a day off work as a reward. I have now set it up the same, and will remember to check the basics if I have future problems.



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