Copy from Affinity to Lightburn

When I copy from Affinity designer to Lightburn, it showed as image and not vector.
But I has no problem in adobe illustrator.
Any advice?

Did you export an SVG from Affinity Designer?
In Affinity you:

  1. select the curves you want to export,
  2. File->Export
  3. Select SVG, Area: Selection Only
  4. Click Export, it will ask you for filename and location.

That is what you import into Lightburn.
Note that your Document Setup should be 96 DPI, but I think Lightburn is smart enough to adapt to other settings.

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Applications use their own copy/paste data format and the ability to paste into other applications depend on them understanding the format used. I don’t know what Affinity uses but it sounds like they have it setup with a rasterized image backup for situations where the application you are pasting into doesn’t support their vector data format.
It’s probably possible to support pasting from Affinity but at this time we do not. You’ll need to export as SVG and then import that file into LightBurn.
I suggest submitting a feature request (click link), it really helps us prioritize new features:

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already did export to SVG and import it to lightburn but very strange that dimension is changed from 400x400mm to 1250x1250mm. Although I still prefer copy and paste like I’ve been doing with illustrator

Thanks so much. I have posted in feature request.

Not too strange. I’ll bet your Affinity Document Properties are set to 300DPI = ((1250/400)*96DPI).
If you want to use Affinity, then setting 96DPI in document properties is the way to go. It won’t affect your accuracy.

And you’ll have to export to SVG. You could try exporting to PDF, but I have no experience trying that.

You’re right!. I change to 96 dpi and re export it to svg again. Now it show exact same dimension.
Glad to know at least it has workaround to be used in LB. Hopefully we can copy paste it in the future.
Thanks so much for your help.

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