Copying Lightburn files between PC and laptop

I’m running trial versions on my PC and on the laptop which is connected to the laser.
If I create a Lightburn file on my PC and then load it onto my laptop, although the graphics content is OK, I lose the layer names that I have created and the layer positions in the cuts/layers list.
Is this just because I don’t have a license key covering both computers?

The trial version is the FULL version so there is nothing special going on there. I share lbrn and lbrn2 files between two machines all the time without issue. Maybe you didn’t export your Device setup and import that in your other machine and select it before opening the file?

Dough is probably correct, so check all the configuration details are the same for both machines. If you are moving the .lbrn files, then all the layer data should be there. I’m also assuming you went through the setup procedures with LightBurn? It supports many different devices and it has to know information about yours to operate properly.

If possible to use an Ethernet connection to one computer and eliminate sneakernet.

This leads me to how exactly are you moving the files?

Thanks Doug and Jack. Both computers are configured with the plain GRBL settings. I’m copying the files with a USB stick. I’ve tried copying in the reverse direction, laptop to PC, with same result. The graphics info is copied but that’s all. The displayed cut/layers info is not changed from the previous job.

are those cut/layers completely unattached to the design? ie you have only an image on the workspace and your cut/layers are assigned to layer colors which have no association in the workspace?

one more thing, can you share the file which has the cut/layers information here in the forum?

I hate to say this but it seems to be working OK now. I wanted to get a screen grab but I can’t repeat what was happening before. But yes, the layer information wasn’t updating when I loaded the new file.
TEST 1.lbrn2 (15.2 KB)

What I was doing differently, I don’t know. My apologies for wasting everyone’s time.

maybe importing the image instead of opening the file… lots of things to learn and get familiar with so don’t worry about goofing up. That’s how we learn too.

I can’t count how many times I had something not working as I expected only to start telling or asking someone about it and then realizing where I went wrong. Sometimes mid sentence as I was explaining.

As long as you pick up the .lbrn(2) files all layers and other information is there. Like Doug says, there are no stupid questions, generally speaking. Take care. Mark this solved if so… Take care.

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