Copying vectors from adobe illustrator

Hi, Would love some help please. I downloaded a vector image on adobe illustrator as I wanted to pull it apart and only use a piece of the image. Now that I have done this when copying and pasting into lightburn it shows nothing like the original image. I have tried saving as SVG file and its doing the same. Please help. Images below as to how it shows on AI vs Lightburn once pasted.

Screenshot Lightburn Image

If willing, please share the file so folks can take a look. :slight_smile:

Saber Adobe Image

Thank you, I have attached Adobe Illustrator Image that I am trying to copy

You need to wait until the attachment is fully loaded, before hitting the Reply button to commit the post. :slight_smile:

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It looks like the file is not posting. What is the easiest way to share the file? I tried attaching the AI file which it didn’t like so I attached SVG file but doesn’t look like its posted from my end

Thank you. Can you tell I’m new here haha.
Saber Adobe Image

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You might need to append a .txt to the end of the file name for the forum to accept it (eg.

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It still will not upload. Could I email the file?

Saber Adobe Image

I guess if it’s a large file it might be too big for the forum. Can you save it to Google Drive (or other cloud drive) and post a link?

You will need to append .txt to the file name to upload this Illustrator file.

If the file is too large for uploading here, you will get a warning. You can post a compressed or zipped version of the file as well.

How big is the file?

Saber Adobe Imagetxt.txt (1.0 MB)

Here is what I see when importing this AI file into version 1.5.01. :slight_smile:

What version of LightBurn are you using on which OS (include os version as well)?

I have just downloaded the updated lightburn but it still does not copy over correctly. I can see in your image the handle hasn’t copied over either. I come across this problem quite a bit downloading vector images and then trying to copy them over to lightburn so I would love to learn how to navigate this issue.

I am running Windows 11 version 22H2

Really appreciate your help

The way that art is designed is basically nightmare fuel for laser work as vectors are being used for shading.

I processed the AI file through Inkscape and then into LightBurn. Hopefully this allows you to get the geometry that you were looking for.

lightsaber.lbrn2 (2.3 MB)

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When you say “copy” does that mean you are selecting some parts of the original art while open in Illustrator, then using the CTRL+C to copy the selected into your clipboard, followed by CTRL+V to paste into the LightBurn workspace?

I used ‘Import’ and pointed to the saved file in its entirety.

When zooming in, I do find some of the elements used to build the saber / flashlight looking part, but not all. If you know, what version of Illustrator (ai format) is this file saved with? I may need to submit to the team for further review.

Fills, line-weight, gradient and other visual treatments like that are not supported within LightBurn, so those components, providing the “realistic” view are not imported and shown.

Thank you so much for all your help, there was quite a few learnings here. I will now import instead of copying and interesting to know around the shading and that inkscape can help in situations like this.

Most appreciated