.cor file vanished

I set up our 80w OMTech laser fairly easily. We had been using it without proper lens configuration but when i learned i could import the .cor file that was with the flashdrive we received with the laser i jumped on it.

Easily, i went to device settings, upload cor file, click on the only cor file on the drive. Easy.

Settings are perfection. I can adjust all settings accurately and the framing is perfect. I even gained additional features like q pulse control and a higher frequency range.

Today. I open the computer and the settings are gone. The program is back to what it was… no problem just reimport the cor file and its gone. No cor file anywhere. Ok ill just go to the omtech website and download the firmware and theres no f-ing cor file and they dont even have the right lens im using on their site. (175 focus 401mm)

What the hell happened, overnight it seems like every .cor file in existence has been eradicated. WHERE DID IT GO.

this is infuriating because i was given the smallest taste of what my laser working ideally looks like and now im back to f->ing guessing for every setting and not getting the results i want. Where the hell is my .cor file. How did it just vanish like it never existed. Why the f can i not find it anywhere on any computer. Why is the omtech website and customer service so useless in getting me a simple correction file.

Assuming this is a MOPA M7 as you say Q-Pulse enabled. Is it possible that you set up a new laser with the cor file? Like if you go to “Devices” and see more then one laser? If so can you switch to the new one?
No idea where your missing file could have gone.
The cor file is unique to your specific laser and lens, won’t do any good to find one on the internet.
A similar file is the markcfg7 file in the ezcad Plug directory. (Assuming your machine shipped with ezcad or with a flash drive containing the file)
If you have that, Set up a new instance of your laser with a new name (like 175x175-2) and start again. Good Luck!

I’m sorry, I’m not sure what you’re talking about. I don’t see “devices” anywhere in lightburn, I see “device settings” but I don’t see anywhere that does what you’re referring to. i have that markcfg7 file, but again sorry I don’t know what you’re meaning when you say set up a new instance.

I don’t have a lot of experience with this device or program. thank you for explaining that i wont be able to find another cor file online, that makes sense, I appreciate your help.

OK, couple things. If you have the Markcfg7 file, I would start over.

Create Manually



Then change to the new laser in devices

My factory core file was not done quite right, I have to change the IPG_YLP to IPG_YLPM and enable the Q-Pulse, change max freq to 4000, couple other tweaks but sounds like yours was good.

See if this helps.

Have a look for the lbprefs file that was generated on the day when this was working perfectly for you. It should have been written shortly after importing the cor file.

The feature has been moved in 1.6 and newer test releases but in most versions it’s under File, then Load Prefs Backup.

In Newer versions, it’s still under File, but now under a submenu Preferences, then Load Prefs Backup.

You should also be able to revert back to the settings you have today if you need to put it back.

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