Corel 19 will not import into LB v9.06

I am using a Ruida controller. I want to upgrade my version of Corel from X8 to 2019 but I can’t get the new version of Lightburn to import files from Corel.



LightBurn has never imported CDR files, but you should be able to export AI, SVG, DXF, or PDF and use those. And we have a macro button that will take care of that for you too.

export as .ai version 3?

Corel will export as a DXF which is what I am doing. I had no issues with the older versions.

Email one to support at lightburnsoftware dot com and include a link to this thread. I’ll have a look at the file and see if I can tell why. When you say “doesn’t work” - can you elaborate? Does it crash, not import anything, give you an error… ?

It exports from Corel as a dxf in mm and text as a jpg but will not import into LB. It doesn’t matter if it is text or a shape. I will send you the info shortly.

Tony Beran and I are friends and are working on this problem. When I create a project in Corel I export it as a dxf file. When I import the dxf file into Lightburn all I get is a blank screen. I am using the latest Corel and Lightburn versions. The file works fine in RD Works. Lightburn does not crash. It brings in something but it is a blank screen but the green pointer is there. I tried to upload both the cdr and dxf files but this forum won’t let me.

Correct, we only allow images and LightBurn file uploads to the forum for security reasons.

Please send along to our support team as requested above, then we can take a look.

Email sent. Thanks for your help on this.

What line width have you created your object in?

LightBurn ignores those - that’s not the issue. Corel changed their output slightly to include additional whitespace in places there was none before, and it threw my parser (they’re all written from scratch). This was fixed a while ago and is in the pending release.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this. I want to update my Corel and LB so I wanted to make sure I was not going to have an issue like Mike is having. I will get with him when he downloads the file to make sure it works then I am going to update both software. Thanks again!

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