Corel Draw 2019 not importing completely

When I try to import a 2019 Corel Draw file into Lightburn 0.9.16 I don’t get all of it, it’s missing parts. I save it as a AI and import it and it’s always missing some words. It’s all don’t on the same computer and all the fonts are available on both programs. Has anyone else had this problem? I’ve tried SVG too and that doesn’t work at all.

I was pretty sure you needed to convert text to curves when exporting for LightBurn. I tested with CorelDraw 2018 and this appears to be the case. Also, I looked at the CorelDraw LightBurn macro (which goes via .AI) and that converts all text to curves on export.

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I think I did. I’m gonna try again, and I’ll see. Thanks for the input.

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