Corel Draw 2019

Wondering if the issue importing from CD 2019 to LB has been fixed in 9.09

If I have LB 8.06, what is the cost to upgrade to 9.09?



You can purchase our ‘Renewal’ providing an additional 365 days to be added to your expiry date. The current price for the renewal is $30.00 USD. You can go to ‘Help’→’License Management’ page and follow the procedure by clicking the 'Renew" button or visit here: Renew your existing LightBurn License Key – LightBurn Software

As for,

What issue in particular are you referring?

I have a friend that was having problems getting files to import into LB and he was given a patch. I was wondering if that patch is in the new version.

Ou, understand now. I may have missed the link share to an unreleased version. I’ll assume Oz shared the link. If this is true, this would be included in the next release.

Do you know when this may be?

Soon-ish. :slight_smile: LightBurn does not provide a date certain for any release as things come up and we will not release until we have very high confidence in that candidate. I can share, we are in the later stages of internal testing of the next release. So, soon-ish.

I plan on purchasing/updating LB in the next couple of days. Would you send me that patch?

Thanks for all your help-looking forward to updating.


I have no problems with CD2019 and LB ( even prior to 9.09 ). I posted in another topic with how I got it working,

Maybe this will help. I do not know if this works back to 8.06.

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