Corel Export Macro Installation

I am using Corel Draw 2020 and had the same problem that RjMaker with CD 2018 had in Dec - that solution still works for this version of Corel Draw.
But two more problems appeared:

  1. The export does not bring in the layers to Lightburn but rather imports everything into one layer. Does anyone know a fix for this?

  2. The export macro works when Lightburn is not opened and works generally well. If Lightburn is already running the export fails with no error message alerting the user. This is inconvenient but not a killer although was not obvious when I first tried to use the macro.

Thanks for any help!

Use different colors for layers in Corel, not actual layers. LightBurn will import the colors in Coreldraw to the closest matching color layer in LightBurn.

Which version of LightBurn are you running? I don’t have this problem, though it’s possible that you’ve got anti-virus or firewall software preventing the Corel macro helper tool from communicating with LightBurn. There’s a utility called ‘SendUDP’ that checks to see if LightBurn is running, and if it is, will send it a command to load the file that was exported from Corel instead of launching a new copy of LightBurn. If that tool was prevented from sending the command, that would cause the issue you’re seeing.

Thanks for the fast help!

Using colors instead of layers in Corel Draw seems to be working perfectly.

For the export problem. I’m running Lightburn 0.9.09. I’ve got Windows 10 Windows Defender up to date, Norton, also up to date, and Malware Bytes, up to date. Could easily be a block coming from one of those. If that’s the case I will live with it as that combination has prevented any virus, trojan or malware for several years now!

Thanks again for the help.

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