Corel to lightburn Macro

Hi, my lightburn macro button in Corel X8 only works one time… I have to install the macro again every time if I want to use it. If I hover over the button the pop up box reads
‘ExportToLightburn.Macros.Lightburn’ - this description is different to the one when it has just been re installed. It becomes this after I use the macro one time… any ideas why this is happening? At present I have to to a standard convert/export to … say… DXF

Corel export to DXF does bad things to curves. Ive never had luck with it (usually trying to import to Fusion or Autocad that way) .

Gave up on the macro working right in RD works, so our workflow uses exports to illustrator format.

But if you are having issues with the macro, make sure that its been loaded. You should be able to edit the macro or open it in the VB editor built in and see that its directing to the right folder, as well as it being loaded at all.

Check the updated documentation that comes with LightBurn 0.9.10. You have to copy the GMS macro file into the Corel macro folder. If you leave it in the LightBurn folder it will work for one session, but not load when you open Corel again.

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Hi, Thanks for replies… thought I was doing it as per instructions but will go over it again.

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