CorelDraw macro file

Ive tried and tried and tried but I cannot find a download for the CorelDraw - Lightburn macro.
Can someone help me ?


Corel-Draw-12-export-to-LightBurn-by-Casey-Gadd.pdf.txt (332.3 KB)
This is the PDF you are trying to download. It isn’t a file that you install. I have uploaded it as a TXT file because the forum software doesn’t allow PDF uploads. Download this text file and remove the .txt and it will become a PDF file. Do not open it as-is. And just follow the PDF’s instructions and you’re set.

There isn’t a download needed any more. In LightBurn, go to Help > CorelDraw Macro setup help, and it will walk you through finding and using the macro script.

Thanks. I’m such an idiot :crazy_face:

if you use a old version coreldraw (v3 like me for example) you have to replace a part of the code :

Replace :
.Version = 10 ’ FilterAILib.aiVersionCS6
.TextAsCurves = True
.PreserveTransparency = True
.ConvertSpotColors = True
.SimulateOutlines = False
.SimulateFills = False
.IncludePlacedImages = True
.IncludePreview = True
.EmbedColorProfile = True

With :
.Version = 4
.TextAsCurves = True
.Platform = 0
.ConvertSpotColors = False
.UseColorProfile = False
.SimulateOutlines = False
.SimulateFills = False
.IncludePlacedImages = True
.IncludePreview = False

You need to do this in 2 points in the code


I’m using 2018 but thanks anyway

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