Coreldraw macro layer settings

I’m converting from a WYSIWYG/print driver paradigm. My workflow is to design in Coreldraw and then send to Lightburn. One of the items I’m trying to figure out so that I can change design practices is what the layer settings are for the conversion to Lightburn. Is that set in macro or on Lightburn side.
I used red hairline for cuts in past and that converts to a tool line. Planning to change my design colors, but don’t want to run into a new issue.

To help, a little background… LightBurn started as a ‘pet-project’ replacement for the Ruida software. The Ruida software uses different color layers to separate and define the tasks of the laser job.

LightBurn uses RGB color matching to best place shapes on different layers during import. Ruida controllers have a hardware limit of 32 layers, and we do color mapping to closest - If you use 10 unique colors, they get mapped to the 10 closest unique layers. Here is the color table used in LightBurn.

Here is a link to a Lightburn color palette that works in CorelDraw 2019

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I’m not following. I have coreldraw files with 5 layers and when I use the lightburn convert macro I only get 2 layers. A step by step guide would be appreciated to convert the corelfiles to lightburn to get 5 layers. I tried changing the colors of my layers in corel with no change in the macro result. Also, is there anything like the corel object manager in lightburn? Handy for moving objects between layers. Thanks, Will (I’ve got a hundred or so files I need to convert over!!!)

Step one, use different colors for layers in Corel, not actual layers. :slight_smile:

Lightburn doesn’t convert CorelDraw layers to LB layers, it converts CorelDraw colors to LB layers. If you have 2 layers in Coreldraw with the same color, they become 1 layer in Lightburn

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I figured it out. Had to change the colors on the individual objects in the layer rather than just the color of the layer in object manager. Still working on the best work flow to convert all the files over.

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