Cork Coasters and a box

A good friend pointed me in the direction of one of the more bizarre comedies I’ve seen in awhile. In return, I’ve popped a set of eight coasters and a box with iconic images from the show. The cork is really thin and flimsy, so it has a layer of laser cut EVA foam glued to the bottoms.

It was a fun project, not particularly difficult, using Inkscape extension for laser cut boxes.


That’s really nice work Fred. Did you cover the cork with anything to prevent the smoke from discolouring it? What sort of settings did you use?
Also noticed the clean edges of the plywood. I assume you sanded those afterwards?


Thanks. I did not mask the cork or plywood. The cork didn’t smoke very much, but it does toss off tiny particles. I had cut a matching circle in a piece of ordinary cardboard and secured it to the bed, providing perfect registration. After the eight coasters were done, the cardboard was “airbrushed” with burned cork, but it brushes off easily.

The box panels were sanded and glued, then sanding sealer was applied and sanded again, then stained. I had the choice of rounding the edges, but my spouse suggested that it would look better with square edges and she was correct.