Corners not touching when cutting

Lines aren’t meeting when burning as can see in the photo. Thought of turning over it on but sort of hoping to fix the problem than patch it.

Just a thought right now was that it could be the speed? Running those lines at 100 speed and 40% power.

Latest update of lightburn (Maybe we turned something off/on and it’s defaulted?)

Contoller - topwisdom tl-410c don’t think this is the problem though

(Brain isn’t working for the key words obviously because I should have found it by now)

Any thoughts?
Cheers ryan

I think I found the problem. :roll_eyes: min power was set to 0%. Should have been at least a bit higher. Found the post below.

Now I feel bad for making another post. Sorry

Cheers ryan.

Questions are great and thanks for using the tools we provide to find the solution to this issue. :wink:

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