Corona protection

This is a prototype that I make for my brother. He has a small carpentry workshop and he has plenty of work in these corona times :wink:
But I do not think the wooden blocks adorn his very fine work, which is why I made some stands in acrylic. Of course they are constructed in Lightburn and then cut on my little K40.

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Nice job! Simple yet effective!

this is only the second best design :wink:, I would have milled a 6mm recess in the large plates for each meter, but it was no longer possible.

The only part of his business he is able to apply wood to and you want to do away with it?
Then he will no longer be a carpenter .

Just kidding… nice job it looks very clean and professional. Can you get thicker acrylic for a stronger more robust feel? I’m sure your design is adequate support but visually it will “seem” stronger.



An employee hiding the fact that she is texting behind a see through wall… :laughing:

That’s why I made the 2 M5 mm holes, I can stack them.

You are way ahead of me. Very nice! Now I know what the holes are for I was wondering what they were for.



Same here… now we know!

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