Correct Camera for ThunderLaser Nova24

Wanting to confirm I’m looking at the correct Lightburn camera for my Thunderlaser Nova24 laser. The bed is 600mmx400, It looks like I have a mounting point that would be 26" above the bed at the correct focus position for the head. Believe the 120-degree camera is the right choice, sound right?

Does anyone else have their camera on this same laser? I’m looking a making a 3D printed mount that would be connected to the lid using existing screws that hold the glass in place. I see a mount from DesertFabWorks that looks very nice and I could modify it to fit the spot, might take an inch or so off the height.

Thanks in advance.

I started with the 120° camera, got that set up, wanted to fill more of the view with the bed and bought a 60° camera to install. It’s been too cold in the garage to finish calibration so that’s not been done yet with the 60° camera. I took someone else’s camera mount design from Thingiverse and did my own revision. It mounts to the crossbar under the lid with 4-40 screws to tapped holes in the crossbar. Seems to work pretty well and is stable. I still haven’t figured out a good way to route the cable under the lid.

I can supply my STL files - just PM with an email address. I couldn’t figure out how to upload them here, but will do that if someone tell me the procedure.

The 120 degree version didn’t show the entire bed when mounted on the center? Is that about 25 or 26 inches above the focus point? Wondering if I’m thinking about the wrong spot?

I was measuring in the wrong spot to mount my camera. The best spot will be about 825mm above the focused bed. For the 60 degree camera, using my 600 mm bed, divided by the .825 factor, comes to 727 mm. Looks like the 60 degree would work fine for me? Make sense?

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