Correct camera option

Sorry for another post asking about correct camera, but I’d like to confirm before I buy.

I’ve got a black and red Chinese laser 60w 700x500
Mounting distance if placed on open lid (yellow x) is approx 710mm depending on enclosure I create or copy.

My calculations indicate I could use the 90 degree camera, as min height is 500mm.

My main reason for asking is other posts for similar machine have indicated issuing the 120 or even the 140.

On a side the easiest camera mounting position would have the camera not directly over the middle of your bed. Is that a major problem.

Thanks for any guidance.

I believe my machine is identical to yours. I had purchased the 120° camera (now for sale!), as the 90° was not in stock and I really needed alignment/registration. When the 90° came in stock, I purchased and installed it. It covers almost the full bed, but almost is okay, as the entire bed is not the entire cutting surface.

If you have to have full bed coverage, aim for greater than 90°, but if you can afford a centimeter or two missing on the edges, the 90° will give you better results (my opinion).

I have mine mounted in the cover, centered over the bed. A side mount just doesn’t feel right and I suspect the results would be less than ideal.

Thanks for the reply Fred.

Any chance you could post a pic of your setup and mounting position?

I’ve forgotten where I collected the acrylic mount plans, but probably on this forum. I just noticed that one photo appears to show the mount is skewed, but the image I have is square on the program. I’ll probably correct the skew and re-calibrate the camera.

Thanks again Fred.
I do think we basically have the same machine. I have a an acrylic viewing window at the front where yo have yours mounted but I’m sure I can work around that.
Those do look like plans I’ve seen on here also. I think it is from someone named Chris. I’ll definitely be doing the same.

LightBurn will correct for quite extreme mounting angles, but the precision will suffer as a result. Mounting anywhere within about 25 degrees of top-down-center should produce negligible loss. The Emblaser machine from Darkly Labs has their camera placed about 6 inches above the bed in the rear of the machine, at a 45 degree angle with extreme fisheye, and LightBurn can correct for that with reasonable accuracy, so a little off center is no problem.

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