Correcting typo while laser is running the job

I am over an hour into a 4 hour NWT burn for a customer logo and darned if I didn’t find a typo in my own information down in the corner of the tile. Well, In about 3 more hours, I’ll know for sure if the edit that I made will be incorporated. If there is any solace, the edit is in a text area that is on a different layer than the graphic that is burning right now.
After I made the edit, I saved the file but if someone doesn’t know if this will work, I will know later this afternoon and share the info.

It won’t work the way you think - When you click the Start button, the entire job for the laser is generated, buffered into memory, and passed to a thread that streams the data to the laser. At that point you can open a completely different file and it will have no effect on the one running.

If you need to correct the error, I would say pause the laser at a point you recognize, then stop it. (if you pause first, it won’t be treated as an emergency stop, and the laser will retain accurate position).

Correct your error, open the preview window, drag the slider to where you want it to start (use the cursor arrows to fine tune the position if needed), then click ‘Start Here’ at the bottom to re-run the job from that point.

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I was afraid that would be the case. So the file that I have saved is the corrected original file but the laser is acting on the original erroneous version. Got it. I’ll try to find a good place to pause and correct.

I force myself to run the job and watch it on the preview. I’ve caught so many typos this way it’s worth the wait… It doesn’t have to be slow, I sometimes can determine at 20x speed or faster…

Checking it first is so much less frustrating… but you want to see it burn… I know…

Take care


I will know soon if I followed your instructions well. This particular design gives me NO excuse. I can’t claim in a hurry because I did it 2 days ago. What is worse, is that I usually catch typos immediately myself but since this is a new customer, I even had my wife, who was a school teacher check it…we both missed it. Shame on us.
Thanks for your help fixing it without damage, at least it looks good before letting it finish and removing the excess paint.

You should post a picture…


I will. Probably tomorrow after I finish the basic walnut frame I am making for it. Glued it up tonight will sand and finish it tomorrow.

Jack, thank you SO much for your help. You have me the info to save this piece and recover after fixing the typo in my contact info. I’m trying to find a way to post it.

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