Corrupted file (1.0.02)

bettteile-sheet-92.lbrn2 (131.7 KB)

Just opened this file I made yesterday, the content doesn’t “quite” match the thumbnail. More than half the parts are missing and those that are there have a weird selection area.

I can rebuild this easily (wanted to optimize it today anyway), but it would be really nice if the bug that caused this was fixed.

Please provide the steps you used to create this file originally. Did you do this entirely in LightBurn, or did you import some of this artwork from another source?

I do see there are odd selection handles. They represent a group (note the ‘dot-dot-dash’ marque signifying selection of a Group), with some single node points embedded. Here I show zoomed and in ‘Node Edit’ mode to see.

More detail is required to determine the root cause of these unwanted nodes.

The shapes that should be there, I build completely in LB.

I first constructed the whole thing in LB, then isolated that single shape I wanted a complete sheet of. I think I did this by deleting everything else and saving under a new name, but I may have copied it to a new file. The shape on the left in your screenshot looks correct, but I’m not sure if I closed it on the right side or not (I sometimes optimize away doubled lines manually before array-ing to save time when running the job) (edit: I may also have created a pair with a de-duped connecting line and arrayed that). I then used the array tool to fill the sheet.

This is the base file where I constructed (and tested) it: furniture.lbrn2 (464.1 KB) The shape in question is in the second row.

The original shape was made using boolean subtraction. I’m working in a 1/2 in grid with 3 mm plywood, which makes positioning anything a pain…

PS: In case it’s not clear: This was a sheet completely filled with this one shape.


Just in case this opens differently at your end. The size of that selection box certainly is very, very off.

With that exact selection, now choose the Node Edit tool. You should see the stray nodes still there from whatever editing was done.

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