Cost of electricity laser

What you think about cost of electricity of laser?
If I have laser EleksMaker 2500mw then how big is cost arround month if I used 5h per day?
I know its difficult to say cuz prices is different everywhere, but im curious if its expensive buisness?
Whats you think guys?
Its possible to pay 100euro extra for using that think? how its looks in your home?

My 100w CO2 laser uses about 628w of power for itself, and then about another 800w for the cooling and fan. Your 2.5w diode will come nowhere near that.

In NY, you pay 21 cents US per kWh (kilowatt / hour), so running the above laser (1400w) full blast for an hour would cost less than 30 cents, or about $1.50 for 5 hours. I doubt a diode laser would make any noticeable impact on your power bill.

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so you say that the diode laser is not so expensive to maintain?
i though is 1MW= 1000KW=1 000 000W, my laser is 2500mw hehe
but i have completly no idea about electricity, thats why i ask here

Spend $25 and buy yourself a Kill-A-Watt and measure it for yourself.

A 2.5 watt laser isn’t going to draw much. The stepper motors are going to be the biggest draw, but I’ll bet the whole thing is less than 100 watts average.
100 watts x 5 hours/day x 30 days = 15KWH per month. At $0.25 per KWH that’s $3.75 / month.
Don’t know how much you pay for electricity or what the USD to Euro conversion is these days…

Your laser is 2500 milliwatts which is 2.5 watts which is 1/400 of a KW.

thank You so much for answers Guys!
Can close topic!
Thank You!

Your diode laser will draw less than the lightbulb lighting the workplace, just to put things in perspective.

I grabbed a forum post I did for the Emblaser 2, 4w diode laser a couple years ago.

I stuck a Kill-A-Watt style meter on my E2 tonight (USA power supply). Running at 100% power with air assist on it drew 48W, didn’t matter the cutting speed as long as the motors were moving. I ran a couple different cutting profiles which ended up being an hour’s worth of time tonight and was always locked in at 48W. When the machine was idling it measured 12W, 10W if I didn’t have the ENABLE active. So for me its 15 cents per kW/hr and at 48W in an hour, not even a cost factor for the electric bill.

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