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Quick question, I just purchased a CamXtool 4240 20w laser with 5w output, for hobby. Talked to a friend of mine because I started to use GRBL and he advised me to get Lightburn. I told him, for just tinkering I didn’t want to pay alot for software, and told him it was showing $60 on the site. He said no it’s not, and to do the trial version, and when trial is done, it is $30. Is there any truth to that?

Not sure where this nice friend of yours got that information, but no, that is not how it works.

The Trial is free and provides full-function for 30 Days. The license prices are published on our website in the store.

Trial: Download Free Trial – LightBurn Software

A license to support GCode systems (including GRBL) is listed here:

Good friend.

Once you use it you’ll never go back to anything else…


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$60.00 to purchase. $30.00 a year to renew if you want updates. It never expires and can be used forever without updating.

Thanks I appreciate the info.

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