Could you make these with Plywood or is it too flammable?

I wanted to try making whiskey smokers with a laser cutter in layers, but that would mean using plywood. Could that work or is plywood too flammable it would cause a fire to actually use?

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Not to mention vaporizing all the glue and random crap used to manufacture plywood, then condensing it into your drink.

Might enhance the flavor, I cannot say, but overall it seems like a Bad Idea™.

How does it work?

I hadda look it up:

AFAICT, being a gourmet requires one to go “Mmmmm” in situations where I say “GAK!”.


Ahh, I see… you are of course right that plywood won’t do for this.
I also love the slightly more smoky whyskys from the Scottish islands and Ireland, but have certainly not needed additional smoke.
It is probably more the experience itself that is part of the enjoyment :wink:
My suggestion, use solid beech wood, 15-20mm, depending on what your laser can handle. Design several discs and assemble them with 2 wooden dowels.

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Use white oak.