Courbe et rond fichier dxf

Bonjour, lorsque je decoupe un plan, en dxf en l’occurrence, les rond et arc de cercle ce decoupe mal. Le laser s’allume et s’étend à répétition et la vitesse et très lente. Avez vous des idées de solutions ? Merci d’avance

“Hello, when I cut a plan, in dxf in this case, the round and arc of the circle this cut wrong. The laser turns on and extends at repetition and speed and very slow. Do you have any ideas for solutions? Thank you in advance”

Can you show a picture of the result, and the settings that you used?

Can you show the cut settings? Double click the entry in the cut list on the top right, and show the settings there.

What kind of laser do you have? CO2 or LED diode?

J’ai un laser co2 40w

I don’t see anything specifically wrong here, other than the excess burning at the starting point. You’re using Marlin firmware, which does not support power adjustment with speed, so that is expected. What are the shapes you are cutting supposed to look like, and how is the result different than what you expected?

Ce sont des cercle et des pignons. Le problème est que ça me brule la pièce donc I inutilisable. Je pense à un problème de fichier, car quand je crée un cercle avec lightburn ça fonctionne parfaitement

If the file was created as a DXF, it might be more complex than needed. Try this:


There’s a tutorial on this here that might help you:

J’essaierai merci de votre aide

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