CPU or GPU Intensive

Is Lightburn CPU or GPU intensive. I am deciding on specs for a new control PC. I have a 6950x to spare or I could get my kid’s 7980Xe proc (she wants a new AMD build). I have up for four 1080Tis I could 4-way SLI if GPU power is more important. I also can fit up to 128 gigs in the motherboards. What is the sweetspot for this app?

LightBurn is almost 100% CPU. The only thing that uses the GPU is the new camera system, but it’s pretty light.

LightBurn is written with a focus on speed (I was a game developer for 25 years, so I’m a bit obsessed) and tends to run well even on fairly resource constrained hardware, though if your designs are heavy that will have an effect.

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I run on a 16 year old Dell with maybe 4gb ram and Win7, it runs like clockwork. But, nothing but Lightburn runs on the machine.

Windows 10 on a 10 year old Dell with 2gb ram.

Runs fine.

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